Information for Judges

Thank you for participating in Faculty Research Day as judges.

There are 6 categories of posters in the event that will be judged.

  1. Faculty Competitive
  2. Faculty Non-Competitive
  3. Doctoral
  4. Graduate
  5. Undergraduate
  6. High School

You can find all the presentations on this site here.

You will be assigned posters with their display numbers prior to the day of the event. You can find all the posters by their number, author name, title, and category in the link above.

If you are judging the posters in the categories Faculty Competitive and Faculty Non-Competitive, you will receive a rubric by the committee when the judging session begins. Please fill out the information in the rubric and hand it over to the committee members.

If you are judging the posters in the categories Doctoral, Graduate, Undergraduate, and High School, you will receive a link to your email that contains a digital version of rubrics of the posters that you are assigned to judge. Please lookout for an email from with the subject ‘Invitation to FRD poster judging‘.

Please open the link using a phone for best interaction experience.

Here is a preview of the digital rubrics. Simply, select a poster number and submit ratings on a scale of 0-5.

List of poster numbers and their judging statuses
Rubric of an individual poster